Oral Cancer Prevention for Seniors

There is nothing more annoying than a uncomfortable mouth and as we get older are oral health begins to dwindle. Some of us will be lucky enough to have all our real teeth when we get older while some of us will have to invest in dentures. But that is ok! There are many different preventative steps we can take to ensure that we have a healthy smile until the end of our days. After reading an article concerning the most frequently asked questions about senior dental care I researched some ideas on how to ensure we keep healthy smiles.

As our bodies age we have an increased risk for cavities and oral cancer. This is why it is important that we increase the amount of rudimentary oral care as we get older. If you are used to brushing and flossing twice a day then you may want to do it four times a day.

With the concern about oral cancer, you will want to also increase the amount of times you visit a dentist each year. With oral cancer the key is early detection, that is why you should increase the amount of dentist visits each year. A regular dental office recommends that you visit at least twice a year, but when you get older you should think about going three or four times a year. If you can’t afford this increase in doctor visits then begin taking self-examinations and contact a physician if you ever think you find any issues.

If you are younger and thinking about how to prevent future problems then there are some certain activities that you can cut back on. If you are a regular smoker then you may want to think about cutting back or stopping all together. Smokers have a higher chance of obtaining oral cancer so if you are able to quit smoking now you won’t have many problems in the future. As far as cavities go, make sure that you are always brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash to ensure a healthful smile.

Younger adults should also make sure that they are constantly going to the dentist. Long term care is vital in ensuring a healthy smile in the future. If you are anxious about dentists then I would suggest find a dentist like moderndentistryrichmond.com. Like their name says they are very modern and have a lot of distractions that could help ease your mind during an examination. They even have televisions in the office that you can watch while they clean your teeth. Maintaining your oral health is key in achieving a better overall health and everyone should be making this a priority.

Great Senior Exercises

A great way for seniors to stay healthy is by finding exercises that you can perform easily without damaging your joints or muscles. There are many great types of exercises that fit these criteria but studies have shown that water types of exercises are best for elder adults. This is because of the low impact force on their joints and the overall quality of the exercise. There are many great places that provide quality water aerobics for seniors like the Collegiate School Aquatics Center in Richmond, Virginia. Unlike your normal gyms that have a pool CSAC has multiple pools and they have specific pools dedicated to classes like water aerobics that you can find at http://swimrichmond.org. If you don’t live in Richmond then you should really try to find a place like this in your area.

There are more benefits to water aerobics than just a great exercise. Just because we are older doesn’t mean that we don’t like to have fun while exercising. Water aerobics are very enjoyable and fun because they have a wide variety of classes that include fun music and a great atmosphere. The instructors do a lot to help you get involved in the exercise and even enjoy the workout.

Great workouts don’t just have to include water aerobics if you are looking for something a little more physical then you could even do lap swimming. This is a great type of workout that will increase your muscle tone and even your cardiovascular capacity. If you begin swimming regularly then you will find that daily movements like walking and using the stairs will become a lot easier.

Your lungs are just like any other type of muscle on your body and you need to work this muscle in order for it to gain strength. While water aerobics don’t increase your lung capacity as well as lap swimming it will still help increase your cardiovascular ability. If running and standard workouts don’t work for your because they cause you pain or discomfort I recommend trying various forms of water activities.

Senior Proofing the Home

When we get older we are unable to complete even some of the simplest tasks like walking up and down stairs or even walking out to get the mail. For most seniors they will have a significant other to help them complete these tasks around the house or out and about town. For elder adults who don’t have a significant other daily tasks can almost become impossible. One of the most dangerous risks for elder adults is falling and not being able to get back up. Falling is common in older adults and if there is not a person checking in on their loved ones regularly then they could end up suffering.

To reduce the risk of falling and preventing long term damage for a senior there are many precautionary measure that you can take. These include installing safety products in your home and even hiring a service check in on and help the senior.

Home Safety Products

It will be important to install railings and safety products around the home to assist the senior to move around their home. It would be best to find them a home that have no steps or at least very few; this will drastically decrease the chance of them sustaining an injury. If they do reside in a home that has a lot of stairs make sure they have railings on both sides or even install the elevator chair for easy movement up and down. Make sure that all items that the senior uses are also in arms reach and prevent from putting items in positions where they will have to bend down.

Safety and Senior Services

If your beloved senior is in relatively good health then you don’t need to hire a nurse to check in on them. Instead, you should look into non-medical senior services because they can assist them for a certain time period every day. The senior assistants can help them perform house hold chores and even provide them safe transportation. You can view a great senior care provider called Seniors Helping Seniors by clicking here. This company provides equal aged seniors to help the elder around the home and since they are like in age they will have a lot in common and it will create a friendship.